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Report a Cave

If you report a previously - unknown cave using the form below, you may be eligible for a free one-year ASS membership and some cool swag. If it turns out to be a discovery of some significance, you will also be consulted about the naming of the cave (there are certain conventions which need to be observed), and if you are both interested and sufficiently skilled / physically capable, have an opportunity to accompany our experienced cavers inside for some exploration!

Report a Bat

The Alberta Speleological Society supports the scientific study of bats and evidence-based conservation measures related to various bat species and habitats. Caves are one environment where bats may be encountered, although there are many other types of roosting site in Alberta. Most bat sightings in caves are of individuals or small groups, rather than of large – scale winter hibernacula, but either way, if you come across bats in a cave, it may provide valuable information for researchers, conservationists and recreational cavers. This information can help us to minimize habitat degradation, harmful energy-sapping disturbances during winter hibernation, and especially the risk of spreading deadly ‘White Nose Syndrome’ among bat populations. Please use the form below to let us know of your encounters with bats – but of course, do not touch them!

The Alberta Speleological Society is incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta and has bylaws that regulate the formal business side of the club, including the rights and responsibilities of membership, dues, the role of the executive Board, election procedures, requirements for meetings, rules for voting, etc. Elected executive positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary; other officer positions may be elected or appointed, such as Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Archivist, Tacklemasters.  There are role descriptions for most ongoing positions, to help new incumbents understand their duties.

Katie Graham

President/Tackle Master: Calgary

Gavin Elsley

Vice President

Max Koether


Oakley Werenka


Adam Walker


Kevin Abma

Tackle Master: Edmonton

Ron Lacelle

Tackle Master: Jasper

Henry Bruns

Tackle Master: Crowsnest Pass

Lisa Heffernan

Editor, Journal of Subterranean Metaphysics (JOSM)

Sima Chowdhury


Tiffany Hassett

Conservation/Restoration Leader